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Student Ministry

Central Asia


South Asia School

for the Poor

Cambodian University Student Ministry

This project started in 2016. It first taught Chinese in a school in a certain area, and established a good relationship with the children and school teachers during the teaching process. In 2017, I started to try to do a Chinese summer camp. The effect is very good. After that, in 2018, we held summer camps and winter camps with our partners. The main activities of the camp included story sharing, games, character building, foreign language learning, etc. The response of the camp project was very good, and many students, teachers, parents and local associations gave good comments. I hope this project can bless more people.

Central Asia

Elementary and Secondary School Summer Camp Project

Central Asia

South Asia


for the Poor

The school was established in 2017 and is located in a poorer countryside in the south of the country. This school is run for children from poor families, because most families do not have the ability to provide children with opportunities to go to school and literacy, so they have to work or farm and herd sheep at a young age. The school's motto is: gratitude, love, hope, and bravery. At the beginning of the school, more than 70 children were enrolled, and now there are 5 classes with more than 210 students. We hope to change the lives of students through knowledge, skills and character education, and we look forward to even greater changes in the future. We look forward to your participation!

South Asia

Cambodian University Student Ministry

Why did we choose to do college student ministry?

In 2018, there were nearly 70,000 college students in Cambodia who passed the college entrance examination. More than 80% of them would choose to study in Phnom Penh, because Phnom Penh has concentrated 80% of the national universities. A large number of students flock to Phnom Penh, but the university here does not provide dormitory buildings. They can only choose to rent together. Phnom Penh is the most densely populated place in Cambodia. The rent is naturally not cheap, so if you can’t find a place to live, you will have one Students lose the opportunity to realize their dreams. We are dream builders, we build spiritual dreams! The education method in Cambodia is only half a day of classes every day. Many students choose to go to classes at night and work during the day. Therefore, it takes 6-8 years for them to obtain a diploma. We have enough time to get along with them and pass on to them. Gospel. No matter which country you are in, college students are the mainstay of the country, and getting college students means getting the future of this country!

What are we doing?

1. We provide them with free accommodation.

2. Use this to preach the gospel to them.

3. Choose disciples and train them.

4. Encourage them to invite their friends to the meeting and slowly build a church.

5. Reach out to their families and pass on the love of Jesus to them.

6. Set up scholarships and bursaries to help them.

7. Skills training, Chinese and English!

Our current situation and needs

The mobility is relatively high, and students will move to locations as their jobs change, and ask God to give us wisdom to bring the gospel to them in the fastest way.

There will be conflicts in the collective life, which will increase the difficulty of management. Pray for God to increase the ability and give wisdom methods to manage students!

We have morning prayers every day and teach the Bible 3 times a week! Pray for God to open everyone's heart, and the Holy Spirit will work in everyone's heart!

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