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Image by Larm Rmah


Eternal Home Ministry in Cambodia

The "Eternal House Orphanage" established by Eternal House in Sigang, Cambodia in 2012 is due to Cambodia’s underdevelopment and economic backwardness. Nowadays, there is a large gap between the rich and the poor. Most of the people living in the countryside are impoverished and generally have no financial means. Single mothers live in shabby houses with three to four children. Therefore, the "Eternal Home" was established, and 26 children from the countryside were introduced through the local church, most of whom came from single-parent families and orphans. Give them appropriate help and care, and look forward to a good and loving growth environment for these children. We believe that life can affect life, and love can change life.

Since 2016, our orphanages have experienced various challenges. First, the government ordered the closure of all small orphanages, and then the churches that had previously supported them also ceased their support. The well-behaved and cute children we used to bring have also become adolescent teenagers, who began to rebel and eventually left. So far, we have only seven children left. In 2019, we began to transform and no longer be called an orphanage. We became a family and tried to assign each child to what they could do so that they could integrate into the family with a sense of responsibility.


We use some courses to train them "Abundant Life" so that they have a foundation of faith, "Stable Foundation" builds their understanding of the Bible and salvation, and then we will use "Enlightenment" courses to guide them how to get close God, and how to enter society.



Adolescent rebellion, addicted to video games

No fixed financial support

Unsound management model

Our vision

First of all, let them be blessed, and hope that they will be a channel of blessing, blessing to other high-ranking compatriots!

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