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Wooden Hut

Refugee Work

The civil war began in Syria in 2011. The cruel war ruthlessly destroyed millions of innocent lives. Many people lost their lives in Syria, and they had no choice but to flee to neighboring countries. The WFP said that most people fled to neighboring countries. We serve at one of the countries hosting the most Syrian refugees, with about 2 million Syrians. These Syrians who have fled to survive in this country can only rely on cheap labor and the support of charities to maintain a basic life. As they experienced these pains, God's hand stretched out to them again.

Introduction to Refugee Center

Children and adolescents aged 5-15 are provided with free compulsory primary school education, and they will be transported to class every Monday to Friday. There are currently 70 students, ranging from 5 to 14 years old. They are divided into pre-kindergarten and primary school grades one to four. We lead them to worship and praise and learn Bible stories together every morning, and we continue to help them know God in faith.

The subjects studied are Arabic language, Arabic language and mathematics, English language, science, art and painting. Because they lack the basis of family education and learning, their lives are gradually changing through the continuous prayer and patient help of their co-workers. .

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