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Syrians search rubble for items to salvage after Monday's earthquake, IMAGE SOURCE,GETTY I

Igniting Hope in The Ruins

 ——Turkey/Syria Earthquake Rescue

In the early hours of February 6, local time, a major earthquake occurred in southern Turkey and northern Syria. Strong earthquakes of magnitude 7.8 and 7.5 occurred near Gaziantep, Turkey. Tens of thousands of buildings and residential buildings collapsed, and more than 30,000 people died. The 10 provinces of Turkey affected by the earthquake have about 13.4 million people, accounting for 15% of the total population. Many people lost their loved ones, their homes, and became homeless.


After the earthquake, we kept seeing the disaster situation of the Turkey/Syria earthquake from the media. These shocking pictures touched our hearts. In the snow-covered land, the affected people were looking for their missing family members among the ruins. The sound of their cries, images of wailing and terror, with constant aftershocks, collapsed buildings and severe winter conditions have made rescue work more difficult, and the death toll continues to rise. Facing the pain of losing their loved ones, the destruction of their homes, and the conditions of hunger and cold, the victims who survived the earthquake fell into despair. Most of them are Muslims who have never heard the Gospel and are waiting for salvation in darkness.

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GIU's staff in Turkey/Syria contacted local rescue organizations and brought supplies into the disaster at the first opportunity, dispatching disaster relief materials with follow-up rescue work. Due to the severe cold and continuous snowfall in the area, the victims who lost their homes are in urgent need of warm clothing, electrical appliances, food, hygiene products, and livelihood necessities. At this moment, we appeal to those who have the money and/or time to contribute, to take action to help the local disaster victims.


In addition to the immediate disaster relief, we know that follow-up resettlement, visitation, care, and evangelism are long-term and necessary tasks. GIU co-workers have connected with local churches to serve the people affected by the disaster, and are looking to engage in follow-up rescue work, so that more people can hear the gospel and gain eternal hope.


We implore everyone to continue to pray for the people in this disaster-stricken area. In the places where the suffering is deepest, because of God’s compassionate heart, may heaven’s morning sun quickly shine on the local people.  May the Lord’s gospel bring real comfort. In this disaster-stricken place, we declare that revival will come, that life will drive away death, and that people's steps will be guided to the road of peace by the Lord.


Contribution channel:

  1. International Galilee GIU-US: GIU provides various donation channels such as online donation, wire transfer/bank transfer, check, Zelle payment, etc. For details, please check the relevant information on the GIU website: (Please indicate "Earthquake Relief in Turkey/Syria" on the Memo).

  2. Giving channels outside the United States: please contact by private email (

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